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Definitive Police Recruitment Guide

Police recruitment
  Police recruitment across England and Wales has never been better for aspiring police officers, transferee police officers, PCSOs and Special Constables. Forces are now recruiting large numbers of officers just to keep their numbers from dropping any lower. Over the next 12-18 months forces across England and Wales will recruit in excess of 3000 regular police officers. The number...
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Police Assessment Centre – Written Exercises

police application form
Were you aware the College of Policing have introduced a relatively new exercise into the police assessment centre? Instead of providing you with 40 minutes to complete two reports about  an incident using a blank form, you are now expected to complete two incident reports, one based on a pack of written information and one on a DVD footage of a witness providing an account. Little is known about ...
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Completing Your Police Application Form

police application form
Recently I reviewed a police application form for one of my clients that was unsuccessful at the initial stage of the recruitment process. Naturally this individual was upset, even more so because he had followed the College of Policing guidance on the completion of the application form and had answered the questions in the style they suggested as below:        ...
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Why forces aren’t succeeding in BME police recruitment

BME police recruitment
  There's been some controversy (again!) in the press recently highlighting how just about every force in the country are failing with their BME police recruitment efforts. Last year (July 15) I conducted my own analysis of the West Midlands Police Recruitment process which at the time was failing miserably to recruit from its BAME communities. The attached photograph of one of thei...
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Ready for the Police Assessment Centre Interview?

police assessment centre interview
The College of Policing have recently changed the format of the National Police Assessment Centre interview. Instead of four questions from the six Police Competencies you will now be asked two questions to assess your motivation and values and two questions from the Police Competency Framework. There's no indication of which of those competencies you will be asked questions from - they could ...
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Online Police Application Process

Police Online Assessment Tests
  Over the past 12 months a number of forces have been recruiting officers using an online police application process. This has enabled them to add further stages to the process before you get to complete the online application form provided by the College of Policing. The idea being that you can screen unsuitable candidates out before the application form stage. The problem for most c...
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