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Tick Box Community Engagement – Time to Reconnect?

Community Engagement
The past year has been an interesting and some might say an unfortunate one for Neighbourhood Policing. Frontline officers have been saying for some years how this bedrock of our police service is being slowly eroded due to increasing cuts to funding and police numbers. Now we are starting to hear more Chief Constables espouse the same concerns with the likes of Ian Hopkins (GMP) and Andy Cook...
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Communities where no one wants to get involved?

On my travels and during my workshops I often hear individuals in ‘agency world’ discussing how no-one in the communities they work in (you know, the ‘deprived ones’) wants to get involved in volunteering activities that will make their area safer. Do any of these common complaints sound familiar? ‘No-one wants to get involved in the activities we arrange’ ‘It’s the same small number of ...
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The problem with PACT

Police and Communities Together PACT
Have you ever run or been part of a Police and Communities Together ( PACT ) meeting? Where members of the community are invited to: ‘raise their community priorities or concerns;’ ‘receive crime prevention advice,’ and be updated as to what the police (mostly) and partners have been doing to address the priorities and concerns raised at the previous meeting. PACT tends to be called different t...
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Rough Sleeping – You won’t SARA your way out of this problem

rough sleeping
  The complex challenges of homelessness and rough sleeping have so far been met by many cities through a mixture of services (including the police) 'engaging' with the victims of this social problem to provide support. For those who fail to 'engage' with this support a contentious model of enforcement based on Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) is being considered. The use of a...
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