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The problem with PACT

Police and Communities Together PACT
Have you ever run or been part of a Police and Communities Together ( PACT ) meeting? Where members of the community are invited to: ‘raise their community priorities or concerns;’ ‘receive crime prevention advice,’ and be updated as to what the police (mostly) and partners have been doing to address the priorities and concerns raised at the previous meeting. PACT tends to be called different t...
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Conference planning for a ‘Covert Appreciative Inquiry’

Appreciative inquiry conference
In my last blog I took a rather irreverent (or maybe factual?) look at police conferences and their purpose. How for the most part they have a tendency to run by the same old rules and how generally, they serve only to impart knowledge, understanding and maybe consult to a lesser degree.   A couple of months ago I was presented with a conference challenge by Barnsley’s Community Saf...
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Police conference about ‘Something which is important’

  What’s your image of a police conference? Maybe you have been to one recently and have experienced an agenda something like this?       Conference about ‘Something Important’   Delegates arrive - and sit on tables where they know other people who they either work with or would like to work for. You don’t sit at the table at the front as the seats are r...
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