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Doing a lot without doing a lot

Asset Based Community Development
  In my last three blogs (here, here and here) I explored some of the issues and challenges around Bishop Desmond Tutu’s famous quote about pulling people out of the river, finding out why they are falling into the water in the first place, and then taking action to stop them. But what if we could stop people getting to the water’s edge in the first place? Or once there we created, in ...
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Liberate your Inner Citizen – Step-by-step guide to Appreciative Inquiry

Are you in a position where you’re part of any kind of community engagement process, especially PACT (Police and Communities Together)? Are you tired of attending meetings where all that is discussed is what is ‘broken’ with demands for, ‘someone to do something about it?’ Do you wonder why your PACT and community meetings appear to generate actions for the police and other partner agencies ...
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