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Police Recruitment Interview Coaching

The police recruitment interview – the last hurdle for those who are successful at the National Police Assessment Centre. Most police forces operate some form of an interview process in order to assess your suitability for their force. This is where they will find out more about the real you and your motivation for wanting to join them.

Generally, the interview can last anything from 45 to 90 minutes where you will be asked a mixture of competency, situational (how would you deal with….), motivation and value based questions. Some forces might require you to make a presentation to a panel.

Expect it to be challenging!

After all, in financial terms alone, you are potentially going to cost them over £2 Million in salary, pension and other costs. They’ll also want to ensure that you are the right fit for their values and to see if you have the potential to be of value to the communities you will serve.

For many forces, this is the final stage of the recruitment process. Are you ready for this last stage? Can you afford to leave this to chance?

Brendan has been coaching police officers and potential recruits in interview skills for a number of years with a success rate of over 80%.

We also offer a coaching service for our clients who might be feeling anxious or nervous about their assessment day – please ask for more information. 

Police Recruitment Interview
Will you be full of confidence prior to your final police interview?

Now is the time to ensure your success at this final stage by selecting one of the options below:

 Option One:

A day of face-to-face personalised one-on-one coaching with Brendan at our centre in York, North Yorkshire, or an alternative location by arrangement. The day is preceded by a short over the phone / email session to ascertain your individual needs. The coaching session is then delivered around these needs and includes any follow-up questions you might have following the day. Please note – this service has limited availability – please check before booking (Update – Please check on dates available as I am now booking sessions from mid November onwards)

Cost: £699 inc. VAT

Option Two:

Personalised one-on-one coaching via Skype or phone in two-hour blocks. Limited availability – Update – Please check on dates available as I am now booking sessions from mid November onwards

Cost: £199 inc. VAT per two-hour block

Option Three:

Bespoke coaching sessions / one day seminars arranged for small groups anywhere in the country

Contact us for further information and costs

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