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StreetCraft – The Lost Art Of Policing?

‘Street Psychology for Police,’ ‘Self-Selection Policing,’ and, ‘Tacit Knowledge.’ Just some of the phrases Dr. Jason Roach, the Director of the Crime and Policing research Group at the University of Huddersfield, used at a recent presentation at the Houses of Parliament as part of an Evidence Based Policing event to describe what I would call, the art of Police 'StreetCraft.' What caught m...
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Definitive Police Recruitment Guide

Police recruitment
  Police recruitment across England and Wales has never been better for aspiring police officers, transferee police officers, PCSOs and Special Constables. Forces are now recruiting large numbers of officers just to keep their numbers from dropping any lower. Over the next 12-18 months forces across England and Wales will recruit in excess of 3000 regular police officers. The number...
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Bus Stop Community Building

Appreciative Inquiry
I had an interesting discussion the other day with a group of police officers that were interested in how asset based approaches to community building and in particular, the use of Appreciative Inquiry, can be used to help support building strong communities.   I believe all public servants have a part to play in community building. Some will have this as a significant part of their...
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‘Tough Love’ PSPO – An Effective Enforcement Solution?

PSPO Homelessness Rough Sleeping
  A ‘Tough love’ PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) is what is needed to tackle Exeter’s homeless and rough sleeping problem claimed the city’s MP Ben Bradshaw in the press recently. He described a, ‘perfect storm of homelessness’ after a visit to the streets that are now home to dozens of rough sleepers with all their associated problems. Ben believes a PSPO will help in solving som...
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Preparing For Police Recruitment Final Interview

Police Recruitment Interview
One of the services I have been successfully providing for a number of years is coaching for the police recruitment final interview process. Depending on the force the interviews generally last between 45 and 75 minutes and are rightly very demanding. While you can game play the College of Policing SEARCH National Police Assessment Centre (all Home Office forces have to run this for their p...
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‘Citizens in Policing’ or ‘Policing in Citizenship?’

I’ve just seen a great question posed on Twitter about 'Citizens in Policing' by a Neighbourhood Police Team supervisor: ‘How do we obtain the feedback and ideas from a more cross representative cross section of our communities? Thoughts?’ Yes, lots of thoughts! For those of you who follow my blogs (see The Problem with PACT ) you’ll know my thoughts on how the current process of poli...
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Police Assessment Centre – Written Exercises

police application form
Were you aware the College of Policing have introduced a relatively new exercise into the police assessment centre? Instead of providing you with 40 minutes to complete two reports about  an incident using a blank form, you are now expected to complete two incident reports, one based on a pack of written information and one on a DVD footage of a witness providing an account. Little is known about ...
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Liberate your Inner Citizen – Step-by-step guide to Appreciative Inquiry

Are you in a position where you’re part of any kind of community engagement process, especially PACT (Police and Communities Together)? Are you tired of attending meetings where all that is discussed is what is ‘broken’ with demands for, ‘someone to do something about it?’ Do you wonder why your PACT and community meetings appear to generate actions for the police and other partner agencies ...
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Appreciative Inquiry – Changing Oxford’s Community Engagement

appreciative inquiry
Last year I started a pilot course alongside Oxford City Council, Oxford Police and Skills for Justice Awards for the ‘Problem Solving in Community Safety’ qualification. To achieve this award delegates need to complete a practical problem solving assignment based on the learning from the course. For many of the delegates this has involved running an appreciative inquiry. The overall ai...
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The problem with PACT

Police and Communities Together PACT
Have you ever run or been part of a Police and Communities Together ( PACT ) meeting? Where members of the community are invited to: ‘raise their community priorities or concerns;’ ‘receive crime prevention advice,’ and be updated as to what the police (mostly) and partners have been doing to address the priorities and concerns raised at the previous meeting. PACT tends to be called different t...
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