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Continuous Professional Development for Community Safety Professionals

One of the key services we offer is the Problem Solving in Community Safety course / qualification.

For several years as a Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Brendan O’Brien, now the Director of Bluelight Consultancy, developed a community safety model where through the use of appreciative and asset-based development models he was able to enable and catalyse communities. Individuals and families were no longer passive recipients of services but instead became active citizens able to drive their own problem-solving agenda. A Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Policing Minister have described Brendan’s achievements alongside communities as, ‘inspirational.’

Brendan is now taking his approach to over 100 police and community safety officers in Gloucestershire, Nottinghamshire, and Oxford. The results so far in Oxford have seen officers exploring and adopting new problem-solving methods to deal with complex and ‘Wicked Problems’ with results that feature reduced costs and demand as well as an increase in community confidence.

All delegates have the opportunity to work towards the Skills for Justice ‘Problem Solving in Community Safety’ qualification which helps support them on their journey from ‘public servant’ to ‘citizen enabler.’